Make Money from Your Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are the new gold standard for digital marketing.

You’ve probably heard about the meteoric rise of extensions. They’re one of the fastest- growing segments in our industry. But what if you could monetize your extension and make money on a consistently basis without having to lifting a finger?

With Ricercar monetization solutions, you can. Our unique Chrome extensions monetization solution allows your extension to generate money on a constant basis, enhancing its search capability and making it a valuable asset.

Our monetization solution for Chrome extensions allows you to build a sustainable business model around your extensions by generating revenue from its use. It’s the perfect way to boost your search engine ranking and grow your user base without having to worry about creating a new product or service.

Monetization Solutions

Our monetization solutions are designed to help you monetize your Chrome search extensions and search traffic, as well as your Chrome search software and applications. With our solutions, you can:

Monetize search extensions

Monetize your Chrome search extensions by integrating our software into your extensions and taking a cut of the profits that come from their sale.

Monetize search traffic & search queries

Monetize Chrome search traffic by allowing advertisers to bid for the right to show their ads on your website.

Monetize search software & applications

Monetize Chrome search software and applications by allowing advertisers to bid for the right to show their ads in your software or application.

If you’re looking to maximize revenue from your Chrome extensions, our monetization solutions can help. We can improve the search capability of your extension, making it easier for users to find and use your extension.

The search feed is the ideal place to monetize extensions because online users trust search engine results over digital advertising to find what they’re looking for.

If you can provide your customers with a rich, filtered, and premium search experience, they’re more likely to keep using your extension to search for keywords.


We are dedicated to improving your search experience, so that you can find what you’re looking for faster and more easily.


If a user installs your Chrome extension, they can use your search feature to type any keyword into the search bar. This way, they can easily find what they’re looking for without opening a new tab or window.


Our search settings are integrated into your Chrome extension. This redirects your query to Yahoo’s premium, filtered search results. These results are sorted according to user behavior, so making you more likely to click on these sponsored links.


You’ll be able to click any link to find the product you’re looking for and/or search for information.


The real-time analytics panel will show you statistics of the number of clicks and the revenue generated accordingly.


The same smart settings will be available to users on their home page, default search, and new tab.